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Antoine Fine on VC as a lever to "boost" sustainable investments

Finscale | 04.10.2021

Antoine, managing partner, describes how finance can contribute to the renewal of our economy by being an enabler to “boost” sustainable investments.

Eutopia is launching its new fund: Eutopia Preferred

CF News | 08.09.2021

Eutopia is announcing the first closing of its new fund “Eutopia Preferred” dedicated to more mature consumer brands.

Podcast : why it is important to identify your mission

Harmony | 05.07.2021

In this podcast, Camille explains how Eutopia defines its culture and what it means for an investment firm to be an “entreprise à mission”.

Camille from Eutopia and Gaëlle from OLY Be on B-Smart

B Smart | 03.05.2021

Camille and Gaëlle are interviewed together to explain how a startup and an investment fund word together.

Antoine Fine's journey to Eutopia: how to start everything over

Generation DIY | 01.02.2021

As transparency is one of our core values at Eutopia, Antoine, managing partner, recorded a “no-filter” podcast with Generation Do It Yourself where he goes back on his journey to Eutopia, the ups and the downs, and why he is so passionate about his job now. A story of resilience, introspection and passion.

Eutopia best practices to build a successful startup

Fashion Network | 18.01.2021

It is an understatement to say that 2020 was challenging for many companies. Eutopia explains what it takes to build a successful and sustainable startup.

We invest in brands who are rethinking the way we live

Elle | 16.12.2020

Three questions to better understand Eutopia thesis, how they want to bring together ambition and impact, and the importance of gender diversity within the team.

Eutopia announces its 100M€ closing to back consumer startups

Maddyness | 08.12.2020

Eutopia has completed its final closing at € 100m and announces that its management company is now a B-Corp company.

Eutopia is a guest speaker at the podcast "The Good Pitch"

The Good Pitch | 24.11.2020

We are very happy to have been invited as an expert for “The Good Pitch” podcast. In each episode, you can listen to the pitch of a startup working to make the world a better place.

The Ecological Bet : watch the startups that are leading the way

Medium | 29.09.2020

Food for thought to easily change our consumption pattern, following the path of inspiring startups. French version only.

You need to be a fashion specialist to make good deals

Les Echos | 04.09.2020

Investor and former entrepreneur, Antoine Regis is looking at fashiontech as a special animal in the world of startups. He is betting on digital native brands to build the future of fashion.

Podcast: in the head of a VC with Antoine Fine

Dans la tête d'un VC | 30.03.2020

Antoine Fine explains the creation of Eutopia, its vision on impact investment and on direct to consumer brands

Runway Series Originals with Camille Kriebitzsch

Upcoming VC | 23.02.2020

See, taste, feel, touch: a consumer VC has to have a strong product sense to make it work. In this podcast, Camille explains her story and what she is looking for while hiring someone to join the team.

Eutopia is closing a first fund at 40 million euros

BFM Business | 13.11.2019

Eutopia, a spin-off of Otium Capital, is closing a first fund of 40 million euros to invest in consumer brands startups. Interview with its founder Antoine Fine.

L'Architecture des Jours Meilleurs

Medium | 04.11.2019

Every consumer brand need to build a model aiming to “do well, with a few things, for many people”, a precept that the architect Jean Prouvé tried to democratize in the 50s after WW2.

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