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Les Mini Mondes is raising € 3.5M with Eutopia and BPI France

Les Echos | 24.09.2021

Marine Bocabeille and Quentin Ory founded Les Mini Mondes two years ago with the vision to shake the toy and kids content industry to make it greener, foster kids curiosity and entertain them with compelling stories.

Tediber is signing its first LBO with Parquest and Eutopia

CF News | 23.09.2021

Tediber, the French mattress and sleeping products brand, is closing its first LBO with Parquest Capital and Eutopia.

By Charlot is joining the Eutopia portfolio

CF News | 16.09.2021

By Charlot is announcing its first fundraising with Eutopia to develop its omnicanal strategy and its first build-up with Herbarium

Eutopia is launching its new fund: Eutopia Preferred

CF News | 08.09.2021

Eutopia is announcing the first closing of its new fund “Eutopia Preferred” dedicated to more mature consumer brands.

Antoine Fine (from Eutopia) and Julien Sylvain (from Tediber) interviewed on sustainability

BPI France | 08.07.2021

Antoine and Julien were interviewed by Bpifrance to share their experience, what it takes to build a sustainable company and how, as an investor, we can help to make this ecological transition.

Podcast : why it is important to identify your mission

Harmony | 05.07.2021

In this podcast, Camille explains how Eutopia defines its culture and what it means for an investment firm to be an “entreprise à mission”.

Yellowpop lands €3.2 million to expand its LED neon sign tech and home brand

EU Startups | 15.06.2021

Founded in 2018, Yellowpop plans to use the capital to continue its global expansion through 2021 and further develop as a lifestyle and home brand, providing consumers with a unique means of decorating their homes with thoughtful and trendy LED neon designs.

Camille from Eutopia and Gaëlle from OLY Be on B-Smart

B Smart | 03.05.2021

Camille and Gaëlle are interviewed together to explain how a startup and an investment fund word together.

Eurazeo completes its investment in Ultra Premium Direct

CF News | 30.03.2021

Eurazeo has completed its majority investment in Ultra Premium Direct, alongside cofounders Sophie and Matthieu Wincker and Eutopia, existing minority shareholder via Otium Consumer, which would reinvest in the transaction via its new fund.

What is important to me is transparency and honesty

B-Smart | 25.02.2021

After years working for the detergent industry, Laure, co-founder of Spring, explained how she realized she wanted to create a better for the health, better for the environment and more convenient experience.

Antoine Fine's journey to Eutopia: how to start everything over

Generation DIY | 01.02.2021

As transparency is one of our core values at Eutopia, Antoine, managing partner, recorded a “no-filter” podcast with Generation Do It Yourself where he goes back on his journey to Eutopia, the ups and the downs, and why he is so passionate about his job now. A story of resilience, introspection and passion.

Eutopia best practices to build a successful startup

Fashion Network | 18.01.2021

It is an understatement to say that 2020 was challenging for many companies. Eutopia explains what it takes to build a successful and sustainable startup.

The success story behind Hari&Co

LSA | 22.12.2020

Created in 2014 by Emmanuel Brehier & Benoît Plisson, Hari&Co is developping a new plant-based offer made out of pulses. Initially designed for food service, their products are now available in supermarkets in the frozen and fresh aisles.

We invest in brands who are rethinking the way we live

Elle | 16.12.2020

Three questions to better understand Eutopia thesis, how they want to bring together ambition and impact, and the importance of gender diversity within the team.

Eutopia announces its 100M€ closing to back consumer startups

Maddyness | 08.12.2020

Eutopia has completed its final closing at € 100m and announces that its management company is now a B-Corp company.

Eutopia is a guest speaker at the podcast "The Good Pitch"

The Good Pitch | 24.11.2020

We are very happy to have been invited as an expert for “The Good Pitch” podcast. In each episode, you can listen to the pitch of a startup working to make the world a better place.

Oh My Cream's founder Juliette Lévy receives the Bold Woman Award

Les Echos | 11.11.2020

Monday 9th, Oh My Cream’s Founder was awarded with the Bold Woman Award from Veuve Clicquot. It took her boldness to talk about transparency and to launch physical stores at a time when the term “clean beauty” did not yet exist and digital was key.

Nous Epiceries Anti Gaspi raises 8M€ with Eutopia and Quadia

LSA | 12.10.2020

While 10 million tones of food is thrown away every year in France, this new retailer is contributing significantly to reduce food waste (35 tones every month in each store) while providing an affordable offer to its customers.

The Ecological Bet : watch the startups that are leading the way

Medium | 29.09.2020

Food for thought to easily change our consumption pattern, following the path of inspiring startups. French version only.

Louis Marty from Merci Handy on why companies' social mission matters

Lucky Day | 28.09.2020

In this podcast, Louis comes back on the story of Merci Handy, the importance of its team, the challenges he has faced, and why companies’ social mission matters so much.

You need to be a fashion specialist to make good deals

Les Echos | 04.09.2020

Investor and former entrepreneur, Antoine Regis is looking at fashiontech as a special animal in the world of startups. He is betting on digital native brands to build the future of fashion.

Oly Be is raising 1.5M€ to develop its yoga platform.

Les Echos | 16.07.2020

Launched in 2015, the company has just closed a new round amid the coronavirus crisis. Dealing with the lockdown, it has developped a new online model which will be an add-on to its offline business.

I Make is raising 1.5M€ to surf on the do-it-yourself wave

Les Echos | 29.06.2020

I Make is selling more than 50,000 products to make at home any kind of products from cooking, clothing, home decoration, cosmetics and jewellery.

Tediber: a French success story

Forbes | 06.05.2020

French direct-to-consumer startups are having a momentum with their customer centric model. The so-called “DNVBs” are using creativity and quality to change their markets. Interview with Julien Sylvain, founder of Tediber, one of the best example of the model.

Podcast: in the head of a VC with Antoine Fine

Dans la tête d'un VC | 30.03.2020

Antoine Fine explains the creation of Eutopia, its vision on impact investment and on direct to consumer brands

Runway Series Originals with Camille Kriebitzsch

Upcoming VC | 23.02.2020

See, taste, feel, touch: a consumer VC has to have a strong product sense to make it work. In this podcast, Camille explains her story and what she is looking for while hiring someone to join the team.

Eutopia is closing a first fund at 40 million euros

BFM Business | 13.11.2019

Eutopia, a spin-off of Otium Capital, is closing a first fund of 40 million euros to invest in consumer brands startups. Interview with its founder Antoine Fine.

L'Architecture des Jours Meilleurs

Medium | 04.11.2019

Every consumer brand need to build a model aiming to “do well, with a few things, for many people”, a precept that the architect Jean Prouvé tried to democratize in the 50s after WW2.

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